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Terra Sol.Soil Master
  • Terra Sol.Soil Master

    - Product characteristics: A crop biostimulation product extracted from seaweed extract, specialized for plant growth and promotion
    - Formulation: Liquid
    - Packing type: PE
    - Weight: 250ml, 500ml


    - Product characteristics: Specialized product for improving salt accumulation soil
    - Formulation: Liquid
    - Packing type: PE
    - Weight: 500ml, 1L



    KOREA : MR. CHANG  :

    T: +84 (0)93 411 4581 / Email: 


    T: +84 (0)369 295 396 / Email:

    • product information

      Maximize nutrient absorption by strengthening root growth / Promote root growth _ Increase fine roots / Improve nutrient absorption / Contains bioactive compounds / Nutrient absorption and stress relief effect.

      Contains water-soluble calcium that is easily absorbed from soil and plants / Contains sulfur components that allow sodium ions in soil solution to flow easily / Organic acids induce replacement of sodium ions on the soil surface.

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