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Wee Energy WM-1000
  • Wee Energy WM-1000

    (Necessity of development)
    -  Vietnam's agriculture accounts for 80% of the total industry, and the demand for electricity increases with continuous economic growth.

    ▶It is necessary to develop a stable agricultural power supply device without blackout.
    -  A separate emergency generator is provided for each farmhouse in preparation for a power outage, and as a result, continuous operation and maintenance costs occur, which adversely affects the maximization of farmhouse profits.

    ▶ An economical product that does not incur additional maintenance costs is required.
    (for development purposes)
    - For stable crop cultivation, it is important to continuously supply moisture to the soil, and there are pumps and irrigation operation facilities among the main power facilities of farmhouses. ▶ By driving a pump while moving a large farmhouse in Vietnam, it is possible to improve productivity and use electricity stably through evenly supplying moisture to crops.

    - Product development.
    - Product models are divided into WM-1000(1kW)/2000(2kW)/4000(4kW).
    - Power generation / battery status and failure check / pump facility remote on-off possible through smart phone application.
    - DC or AC power can be used through the power converter (inverter). (There are products using DC and AC power in the agricultural pump model)



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    • product information

      [Electrical Characteristics]
      (Productivity) Capable of producing up to 3 [kW] of electricity and equipped with battery facilities. ▶ It is used to drive farmhouse pumps during the day and use household electricity at night.
      (Technology) Designed to efficiently manage battery usage and improve battery life through optimal battery management (SOC).
      (Stability) Electrical safety devices are provided through overload and overcurrent blocking devices and grounding devices for user safety. ▶Improve product reliability through accident prevention functions

      [Mechanical characteristics]
      (Practical) Designed with solar module stacking and slide structure ▶In the case of agricultural roads, the road width is narrow, so the area used for moving is minimized.
      (Convenience_1) Motor for driving is applied, and no manpower is used for short-distance movement. ▶Easy to move heavy products.
      (Convenience_2) It can be moved by connecting two-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicles.▶ In the case of large farmhouses, long-distance movement is possible in connection with a vehicle.
      (Efficiency) Attach a device to adjust the angle of the solar module ▶Maximizing energy generation efficiency/maximizing electricity use according to the angle of sunlight.

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