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Global Cody and Consulting Trade Marketing

Exhibition success strategy

New startup / Opening / Planning / Proposal / Strategy / Analysis 

Vietnam / Korea / Southeast Asia Trade / Exhibition

​Market Research / Commercialization Plan / Advertising / Sales

K EXPO 홈페이지 LOGO.jpg
Combine Harvester on Field
녹색 선 (善)
레드 칠리 포드

​Company establishment and management

Corporate company establishment

Branch establishment

Establishment of representative office

​Accounting Advisory

Agricultural trade expansion

Agricultural fertilizer registration 
Trademark registration
Trade Logistics Services
Visa application and extension

Brand renewal
exhibition event

Innovative solutions

Interpretation and translation service

Systematic marketing

​Media and Design Advisory

메인홈: Service

In 2016, Dongnam Promotion established 100% Dongyang Co., Ltd., a Vietnamese foreign-invested corporation.
15 years Provide service for business customers in various fields in Vietnam.
Vietnam DONG YANG CO.,LTD's top priority value is  Identification of customers' core needs and goals and active communication. Read past consulting cases, and if you have any questions, please contact. We wish you and your family peace of mind.